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Dubrovnik and tourism sustainability

2017 is supposed to be the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, yet, tourism hasn’t been all that sustainable at all. We saw this first hand on our recent trip to Dubrovnik, on a walking holiday with On Foot Holidays where we stayed 2 nights with our apartment window looking out to this wonderfully […]

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My secrets to packing light

I have been questioned, time after time, trip after trip, how I pack so lightly. Do I have special lightweight clothing? Do I have secret compartments in my backpack? Is there a magical space at the bottom where things just disappear into without adding on dimensions and weight? (Like the Tardis, people think my backpack […]

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Book review: Tragic Shores by Thomas H. Cook

When I received a pre-release copy of Tragic Shores in the post, my immediate reaction was: Ugh, another travelogue about all these sad places around the world. “In this stunning memoir, Thomas travels with his wife and daughter to less traditional family holiday spots…” the press release had stated. I was skeptic to say the […]

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Cycling on my mind

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve picked up a new obsession – the bicycle – this year, thanks to a trip made in haste to Sligo in Ireland where the enthusiasm and the camaraderie of the guides and fellow travellers on our cycling tour that got me deeply and madly hooked on […]

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