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Lost in the souks in Marrakech

“You would love Marrakech,” a friend told me after she visited this popular Moroccan city ten years ago. “There are cats, everywhere.” Morocco has been on my mind for a long time – it is one of those places, like India, that intrigues me, and no, it’s not because of the cats either! (Although, the […]

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Review: Hotel Cubo, Ljubljana

Stayed: 3 nights, 6 – 9 October 2016 Room: Standard double room Price paid: €380.00, includes breakfast When we visited the capital city of Slovenia, we didn’t want to stay in just another chain hotel. We wanted something boutique, something a little different and something that we thought would reflect the beautiful city that Ljubljana […]

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Hello! We are Amy & Will!

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Welcome to our little blog!

When we first met, we were both travellings taking in the world one step at a time. Once we got together, we had a goal: to go somewhere we've never been before at least once a year.

This is a blog about our passion for the world, the desire to explore different places, cultures and to make new friends.

Words are Amy's, Photographs mainly Will's.

Read more about us here.

We hope that you'll be inspired by our memories to follow our footprints to travel, because there is no better way to understand the world, than by exploring it.

Happy travels!

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