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Wellington Movie Tours

The hype is coming to Wellington again. With the world premiere set for 28 November and the release of the first movie set for 13 December this year (with the second movie to follow on 13 December 2013) the city is preparing for the estimated 250,000 people that will gather – with and without costumes – it is going to be BIG.

So, in the spirit of embracing what Wellington is so proud of (Peter Jackson and the massive film industry that he has created here, giving the city the nickname of Wellywood) – we accepted the offer to go on a movie tour to try if we try casting for the next film.

And don’t we make the best actors?

Screenshot from LOTR 1
Don’t we make good Hobbits?

Yes, it is cheesy, and everyone else have the same photos – but you know what? It was fun, and it was amazing to watch the clips from the scenes from the movie and notice just how much work they had to go through to put these films together!

We were taken around to Park Road post, Stone Street and Camperdown Studios where the magic happens, then we stopped by The Weta Cave, a little mini museum cum souvenir store set up to showcase some of the amazing modelling and figures made for many blockbusters made.

At Weta Cave – Golem
“You want a piece of me? Come get it filthy orc!” – At Weta Cave

Unfortunately, you can’t watch them make things, and you can’t visit any of the studios however a visit to Weta give you an idea of the creative possibilities one can achieve!


I travelled courtesy of Wellington Movie Tours

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