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5 destinations for cat lovers

There are fantastic destinations for cat lovers. I want to shout about it!


People are inspired to travel by many things. Some want to see the biggest and tallest things of the world, some want to see the oldest things of the world. Some just want to sit down and relax on a beach and others want to be surrounded by the great trees of the rain forests.

Me? Well, I travel for many reasons, but one of the oddest (so I’ve been told) is about cats.

Yes, go on. Call me the crazy cat lady. I don’t care, but I can be drawn to a destination that has something to do with cats. If you are a cat lover like me, you’ll know what I mean.

Cat lovers destination 1: Houtong, The Cat Village, Taiwan

Yes, it’s true. In the country side just outside Taipei is an old coal mine village called Houtong, and it is here that cats in the area call home. This village is all about cats, and the cats rule here. Cats have right of way, cats are allowed in anywhere and they are literally everywhere.

No Dog! The sign says, and in Chinese – ‘Do not recommend bringing dogs’ (Photo credit and copyright to: Jane Huang)
‘No loud noises please!’ – yes, in this village, it’s all about the cats. (Photo credit and copyright to: Jane Huang)

Read more about this village: Cats bring sleepy coal mining town to life

Cat lovers destination 2: Kuching – Sarawak, Malaysia

Ku-Ching, translates to ‘Cat’ in the Malay language. See where I am getting at? There are lots of monuments of cats dotted around the city and the Cat Museum is like the Mecca for cat lovers. You want to know what cats are owned by all these famous people? You want to check out all the whacky cat models and cat toys? This is the place for you!

When in Kuching, a visit to the cat museum is a must for cat lovers
Monuments to cats are everywhere in Kuching

Cat lovers destination 3: Greece

Actually, I have never been to Greece, but it’s on the cards. This is one example of where my ‘motivation’ come from. I saw a picture book, titled ‘Cats of Greece‘ in the bookshop and thought to myself – I am so getting myself to Greece.

Cat lovers destination 4: Morocco

So I have been told anyway. A friend of mine came back from Morocco saying to me “You will so love Morocco – it’s colourful, it’s funky and it’s full of cats.”
Well, you can see how that statement got me all flustered and wanting to go. I haven’t made it there just yet, but one day I will!

‘Are you talking about me?’ (Photo credit and copyright to: Ella Mullins. Source: Flickr Creative Commons)

Cat lovers destination 5: Tashirojima – Japan’s Cat Island

This was brought to my attention and immediately I was like – oh, my, god that island is made for me!

Image source: Wikimedia CC Share Alike 4.0 | Credit to: 暇・カキコ
Image source: Wikimedia CC Share Alike 4.0 | Credit to: 暇・カキコ

The ultimate cat lovers destination. Where do I sign up?

Do you have any more destinations to add to this list?

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