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Travel vs. Career

Came across this blog article about Why Travellers Don’t Have Careers and as I read it I nodded along in agreement. It’s almost impossible to juggle between the love to travel (as often as you can) and a high flying career.

In fact, that’s pretty much how I feel. Having been in retail, service, and corporate jobs, no matter how good I was doing them and how much my bosses all loved me, I know I’ll never climb the ladder faster than those who stick around, simply because after a year or two, I have a tendency to take off for a month or more, to travel.

See, even being a travel agent doesn’t help much. The retail and roster hours prevent you from doing any decent travel, and as any traveller would agree: to only have a week in India trying to see everything at once, is just not as good as being able to slowly take it all in with more time.

It’s a dilemma, and a balance must be created for all of us travel bugs, but where to start?

I mean we’d all love a job where we can travel as much as we desire and still be on top of our high flying careers. However that’s not likely is it? We can’t all be Michael Palin, Tony Wheeler or the casts of Getaway. I mean, there is a difference between having a career and just having a job. We can all have jobs, and I’ve never had that much trouble trying to find a job or get back into a previous job, but having a career means sticking around, showing your passion for your work and proving that you are worth the salary your company pays you. Having a career means you pretty much have to dedicate your life to it.

So maybe thats why most travellers are not career minded? Or are we just forced to think ourselves so?

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