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Men misses more flights than women, study says

According to Traveltalk, men misses more flights than women, blaming bad traffic, late connecting flights, and getting too carried away in bars, restaurants and duty free shops.

The same article also reports that while this is the case, men often ‘charm’ their way into the next flight, while the same attempts by women are less successful.

I missed a flight once. I mistook the time as ‘7pm’ when the actual flight time was ‘7am’. This is back in the days when one had to re-confirm flights, and calling the airline at 10am reconfirming my flight, I was told that it had already gone.

Having shared a good laugh, the consultant on the phone agreed to put me on the next available flight.
No charm was applied.

There’s also this one time when I was sitting comfortably in Qantas Club, enjoying a beer when my name was called. I had apparently not heard the first boarding announcement, thankfully as I was registered at Qantas Club, they were able to track me down personally for the flight.

Changing flights can be costly these days, and it pays to check and double check your schedule on the day of your flight.

“Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Triple check your flight details before you travel, listen out for announcements and don’t get too boozy before you board,” said Dave Boyte, Skyscanner market development manager for Australia.

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