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Why I am starting to take more short breaks

For a long time, travelling had been about leaving home for an extended time to explore the world all at once. It generally involves a flight or a long train journey and often leave me feeling like I need another holiday at the end.

I have since grown up and accumulated various responsibilities, and it is getting harder to find the ‘extended’ time to take things slow.

I used to sulk, and get a bit depressed with not being able to take long trips as often any more, and any plans to take more then 20 business days (the number of annual leave granted in Australia per year) to travel comes with the possibility of missing out on my career.

I mourned the loss of those carefree travel days.

However, my desire to travel got me planning to utilise my time as much as I can, and I have uncovered a love for short breaks.

Short breaks to me, can between one night to five nights and can involve planes, trains or car. After a couple of years going  on short breaks, I must say, they are a lot more refreshing than the long trips I used to take.

I had to get creative with my short breaks, as I didn’t want to end up just going to the one place every time. So I started checking out the local areas.

Here are three reasons why I am starting to take more short breaks:

Getting a proper holiday

When I got away for an extended period of time, a lot of time is spent travelling to and from places and it’s tiring. When I get back home I often feel like I need another holiday just to get over the trip I’ve just had. Short breaks often only involve a short flight, a short train trip or a car trip to places nearby, and often to a familiar environment near where I live, so there is no pressure of having to do everything in one go, and there are no long trips home to get tired about.

As it is still going ‘away from home’ my mind gets refreshed and ready to get back into daily life when I get back.

Exploring local areas

Short breaks allow me to see places I live in as a tourist. I find that we often don’t see enough of our own backyards and having short breaks in and around Sydney have made me appreciate the city I live in more. I now see the appeal of my own city and its surrounds and feel lucky that many overseas visitors are jealous that I live here.

Sometimes all it takes for us to stop complaining about where we live, is to look up and around. I am often amazed at the different things I find that I didn’t know exist in my own city – not to mention there is a whole country to explore too!

Do things that I actually want to do

Sometimes, all I want to do is to read a book over a good cup of coffee, ride a bike in the park, or to spend some quality time with my husband – with one condition, just not at ‘home’.

A short break, even if it a night in a city hotel, is a good break away from the daily routine and allow you to do things you actually want to do on holidays, without the pressure of having to complete a sightseeing list when being far far away.

I don’t live near a beach, so a short break out near the sea also allow me to have that nice long walk along the beach without having to worry that my parking is going to expire in the next 15 mins.

It doesn’t mean that I no longer travel long haul; there is no way I am going to stop exploring the world. However for those who may not have the opportunity to take a long period of time off work or daily responsibilities, perhaps a short break is what you need.

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