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The Doctor and I

This is still a travel blog. Keep reading.

I just want to talk about this alien in my life. I watch him every week (during its season) as he goes about exploring the universe, on no particular quest but to satisfy his curiosity, and on many occasions save the world while he does it.

He is, the Doctor. Doctor Who you ask?

Well, exactly.


The Doctor who refuses a name has turned 50 this year, and the actual 50th Anniversary episode title will be “The Name of the Doctor”, of which the BBC promises to be a jaw-dropping end to a spectacular series.

“Which Doctor is your favourite?” fellow Whovians ask. The answer from me would be – all of them and none of them at the same time.

I am not in love with the actual doctors, but with the concept and theories that drive the story along. The underlying concept of time travel and what it represents, the personality of the Doctor and the changes of time that he represents and the indefinite possibilities that exist in this universe/s.

If you think about it, the whole personality of the Doctor really describes the characters of travellers: the ideas, the curiosity, the obsession and the self satisfaction; these are the things that keep us travelling, wondering the world and continue to learn and experience new cultures, languages and cuisines.

The Doctor has seen it all. In the episode Rings of Akhaten, he said:

“I have lived a long life, and I have seen a few things. I walked away from the last Great Time War. I marked the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the birth of the universe and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained — no time, no space, just me.

I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a madman, and I’ve watched universes freeze and creation burn — I have seen things you wouldn’t believe and I have lost things you will never understand”.

There is something in this speech that resonates with what travellers all wish to do, to be able to see things that people won’t believe, experience things that  people won’t understand and most of all to watch every moment in the world go by, no time, no space, just us.

And really… who doesn’t want a Tardis? I know I do!

There is, a Doctor Who in all of us who love to travel.

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