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What if the Tardis had an in-flight magazine?

It is, indeed another Doctor Who related post. I can’t help myself. I feel inspired every time I watch an episode and as I watched last night’s episode on ABC – Journey to the Centre of the Tardis I was flipping through an in-flight magazine a friend of mine brought me from her trip and thought to myself: What if the Tardis had an in-flight magazine? What would it publish?

[On a side note: I am, for some reason, obsessed with in-flight magazines, just in case you were wondering why I was reading one, and why my friend got me one in the first place!]


Let’s say, the magazine is called The Tardis (if you have a better idea, shout it out!) and like all in-flight magazines it would feature destinations and personalities that the passengers of the Tardis are likely to encounter along the way. I envisage a full spread on ‘Meet the Ice Warriors of Mars’ with interviews and cultural activity recommendations; ‘Spot the Difference’ on Mondas, the planet of the Cybermen that is the exact replica of Earth; ‘Diving Options on Anura‘ and re-live the romance between the Doctor and River Song with ‘Tour the Picnic Spot of Asgard‘.

What would be difficult in publishing an in-flight magazine for The Tardis would be the route map at the end of the magazine. As there are not definitive destinations for The Tardis (with the exception of 1930s New York being completely off the map) the route map would need to be multi-dimensional with the ability to cover every corner of space as well as parallel universes.

And imagine what would need to be done for the safety demonstrations! Or perhaps, we should just take the Doctor’s words: “Nothing is safe. Remember that. Nothing.”

What would you like to see in the in-flight magazine of the Tardis?

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