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My day in Daylesford

At first, I was lured here by the romantic images of hot mineral baths from the tourism board of the region. For me, Daylesford had been just that, a place where I can get some soaking in a giant bathtub as well as indulge in expensive day spa treatments.

20130503d_VIC_Daylesford 002

What I didn’t realise, is that it is also a quaint and charming town. Visiting during autumn meant that we were treated to some fantastic colours throughout the region, with European introduced trees that lined the streets with shades of red, orange, yellow and lime green.

Vincent Street in Daylesford was full of energy on an early Saturday afternoon. I stop by the Pastry King Bakery, where the family has been creating European style breads and pastries for over 66 years, and grabbed myself a moist and dense poppy seed danish.

20130503d_VIC_Daylesford 041

As I indulged myself (and stuffing my face) with my purchase, I was being charmed by the surrounds.

Past the cafes with expensive interiors, the rusty car under the maple tree, up the steep hill of Central Spring Road, is Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens. I took a stroll and refreshed with a cup of tea at the Wombat Hill House.

20130503d_VIC_Daylesford 033

20130503d_VIC_Daylesford 026


I imagined at dusk there would be fireflies, but I had a more pressing appointment to keep.

I was due to be pampered at the Hepburn Bathhouse.

[To be continued]

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