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What are you complaining about today?

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Let’s just say, not everyone in this world speaks English, even in the most tourist heavy regions. Stop complaining and enjoy your holidays! (Image source: Morgue File)

“We booked an excursion to a water park but no-one told us we had to bring our swimming costumes and towels.”

Don’t laugh, according to a 2011 Thomas Cook and ABTA travel survey, that was a real tourist complaint, among the many that just seemed too stupid to be true, such as “The beach was too sandy.”

I must say I have heard a fair share of complaints on my travels that made me laugh, including a touring couple I overheard in a traditional restaurant in China asking the waiter “I am disappointed with your menu, all you have is Chinese food!”

Here’s an unfortunately common complaint: “Their people can’t speak English”.

Many of these complaints are the result of un-realistic expectations and lack of research / respect for local customs. I want to believe most of us are better than this.

Here, an article about this on Wanderlust Magazine. Have a laugh :)

20 astonishing holiday complaints | Wanderlust Magazine


One thought on “What are you complaining about today?”

  1. This makes me laugh Amy, I recently wrote about a similar thing, but with regard to comments on Trip Advisor, like, ‘such and such hotel in Thailand was awful, it rained every day.’

    I’m still waiting to stay at a Hotel that rains…x

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