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Australia, everywhere.

I have a collection of photos where I have found Australia everywhere – or rather, what everyone else thinks is Australian. Fosters for example, is now owned by the poms, and even before the company was sold, no one ever, EVER drank Fosters.

This is however, all stereotyping isn’t it? Have you also found references to your country while you travelled that made you laugh?


A bit of Kiwi (New Zealander) humour on the exchange rate. They wish.
Pub found in Venice. I hope they have updated this by now, as Fosters is now owned by the poms!
The Kangourou Cafe found in the city of Metz in France. With another reference to Fosters.
The Aussie BBQ in Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. I can’t imagine any locals that would favour this place over the cheap and excellent seafood at the waterfront markets!
I did not know we were famous for our ice cream? – in Brussels, Belgium.
Found at the International Food Festival in Vienna, Austria. The stall served roo steak, crocodile fillets and a range of Australian wine.
Aussie pub in Vienna, Austria.
Aussie pub in Bangkok, Thailand
There certainly aren’t any Kangaroos in Austria! Plenty of Aussie pubs though!

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  1. My favourite was the Outback Steak House in the US where they serve Bloomin’ Onions. An enormous onion is partially sliced through into wedges, battered and deep fried. You break off the wedges and eat them with dip in a restaurant filled with photos of prominent Australians – Olivia Newton-John and Mel Gibson mostly. I don’t know if the restaurant chain still exists but I’ve recently seen the Bloomin’ Onion slicer for sale in Sydney.

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