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Ten years of blogging! (and other important life events)

2010 saw the creation of Mr and Mrs McPherson

In 2010 we got married while all the travellers out there were selling their houses to travel and blog.

I’ve been blogging for a while, actually, a long time. I started in 2003, blogging from Germany in the form of writing HTML codes onto a website where I coded every word, every image and formatted every layout.

It wasn’t called a blog then, but just a ‘website’. It has been ten years since and I am still blogging, just in a much smarter way on WordPress.

I’ve not had much success in terms of becoming the blogger I’ve aspired to be, you know, those who are able to live off the earnings of their blogs and being able to travel and be location independent.

It is totally my own fault. I’ve never had the courage to just sell everything and leave.

I have however, travelled extensively, thanks to an IT career that is flexible and pays well. Perhaps the success of one career is the downfall of the other, and I acknowledge that one day, I am going to have to choose between the two.

When the time comes, I can tell you it won’t be a hard choice. Travel and writing will always take precedence over money and possession.

Meanwhile, I am learning. I am following (and stalking) other successful bloggers out there, both single and coupled, who have taken the leap and living the life that I have always wanted. I am also taking steps to improve my writing, improve my editorial contacts, learning from other writer friends and  preparing for the day when I say “Right, that’s it!”


Peru-IncaTrail 016
Looking forward to a life with my husband living out of our backpacks!

While going through everyone’s blog I did notice a lot of those who sold it all to travel the world had made the decision in 2010.

What was significant about 2010 that made everyone want to sell everything to travel and blog? Is it because that was the year when blogging suddenly became popular? When we all realised that it is indeed possible to be a professional blogger?

I’ll never know, but thanks to 2010, there are now others out there that has proven that it is ok to dream, and it is possible to create the nomadic lifestyle that I want.

I just have to go out and get it.

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