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The bush or the beach?

Are you a bush (or forest for those who use different terminologies!) or beach person?

What’s more alluring? The bush…
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… or the beach?

I admit, while I do love the ocean, enjoy a good scuba dive and have a fascination about the marine life, I am more of a bush person. To me, while the beaches make great backdrop to a holiday photo, its potential is limited. There is only so much you can do on a beach, and by the time I enjoyed my fourth cocktail and caught my tenth wave (body surfing) I am ready to move on.

The bush on the other hand, the possibilities continue almost endlessly. Different regions have different vegetation and variety of flower and fauna, making it interesting to be able to explore the different ‘bushes’ (forests, shrubberies….) in different locations.

Those familiar with outdoor survival skills would agree the bush provides far more interesting food and medicinal sources than the sea at the beach could ever offer. Not to mention, with all that fresh air and physical exercise, a nice long bushwalk is great for the health.

It would be ideal to find a location that has the bush and the beach. Many of the Asian islands such as Langkawi, Borneo, Taiwan and the many Kohs around Thailand and Cambodia are filled with places that has the forest meeting the sea. However, we can’t always have everything, so for now, the bush it is for me.

What is it for you?

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