On Writing

Juggling two lives… what can a writer do?

It’s been two long weeks that I’ve struggled to find time to write. Two whole weeks of long hours at my ‘day job’; of spending hours at my desk pondering over emails, reports, spreadsheets and shifting between meetings. By the time I get home, the computer is usually the last thing I want to see.

I admit that I am struggling. Struggling to write the stories, struggling to keep up with the blog.

Ironically, I am well known at my job for being able to multi-task, of being able to use the same hours to achieve more, yet why do I feel that I am failing at the exact thing that I am supposed to be good at?

It’s times like these that I wonder what am I doing with these corporate highflyers, when my heart really lies in a nomadic life.

I know what many of you are going to say: “Forget the day job, just get out of there!”, because you’ve all done it.

Of course, it’s not like I haven’t thought of it. I think of it everyday! And I’ve given the same advice to others too. However it’s a battle between ideal and reality, and when you are the main income earner of the household, it does come with certain responsibilities and to ‘get out there’ require a bit more planning.

There are still things to look forward to. To make up for the lack of ‘away’ time, I have a series of small trips coming up such as 5 days on Daydream Island in October, 3 days attending the Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference in Kuala Lumpur in November, and what I look forward to the most, is the 8 days of cruising to New Caledonia with my family. After all, after we move to the UK, it might be a long time before we get to holiday together again.

I’d like to think I am still keeping it together, and by this time next year I would be doing a lot more what I want to do, than what I need to do.

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