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Overrated tourist attractions

Have you ever arrived at an attraction, after much anticipation of seeing it and feeling it and thought… “WTF?”

I felt that when I saw Pis. Yep, the little Pis of Brussels. It took me a bit of time navigating the back streets of the city from central station, through unmarked cobble stoned lanes and around to the Grote Markt to reach him. He attract thousands of tourists each day and I expected a little bit more than just… well… him.

He was tiny, really tiny and having learnt about him from postcards and travel books, I felt just a little ripped off by him.

(Image source: Morgue Files | pedrojperez)

Of course, I didn’t go to Brussels just to see him. I was soon lost to Gothic buildings, fascinating museums, courses of mussels and accompanying beers,  that I soon forgot about the little boy. I’d happily go back to Brussels but little Pis is not getting another visit.

What attractions have you visited that you felt a little underwhelmed by?

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