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Memory Postcard: A $16 Dinner

Hanoi dinner - Amy McPherson

This is where I had my first meal in Hanoi when I visited in 2004. I had only arrived in the country for an hour, was wet and hungry and needed food. My love of street food took me to this little corner and my nose couldn’t go past the fragrance of the freshly steamed rice and the colourful display of dishes piled up in this cart. So I picked a few, sat down and enjoyed a simple meal of a bowl of rice, stewed meat and pickles.

When it came the time to pay (don’t forget, I was tired, really really tired), I didn’t really think much of the exchanged rate and happily handed over 130,000 Dong and departed with a smile.

I went back to the hotel and decided to do some budgeting, and it was then that I realised that I had handed over A$16 for a simple meal (the exchange rate at the time was AU$1=9,000 Dong). Oh well, when you travel some times things happen. Lessons learned.

At least the food was nice. I can still remember the stewed meat, have never found it ever again.

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