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Taal & Tagaytay: In Pictures

Our Philippines adventure began at Tagaytay, a picturesque township south of Manila where an active volcano – the Taal – dominates the landscape and the tourism industry of the region.

Those who visit Tagaytay must pay the obligatory visit to Taal volcano, one that is still living and could potentially erupt again in the near future. A boat trip from the shores at Talisay through the glistening waters took us to the black sand shores of Taal, where the local community has taken the full time job of guiding tourists to the top of the volcano. Most hop on a horse for the steep climb, but we chose to walk instead to be able to enjoy the challenge and the scenery along the way. It was also the exercise we desperately needed after long hours of flying and bus trips. Our reward at the top was a fantastic view of the surrounds, a look into the crater of the volcano, and the steams that escapes from the crusty earth.

Talisay Shores - Amy McPherson
On the shores of Talisay
On the boat to Taal - Amy McPherson
On the boat to Taal. A happy husband.
Community basket game - Amy McPherson
Those who weren’t guiding tourists at Taal enjoy a leisurely basketball. As I found out on this trip, the Filipinos are mad about basketball, unlike their South East Asian neighbours, who prefer football instead.
Treking up Taal - Amy McPherson
Up through steep terrains
View from Taal - Amy McPherson
We turned around from the climb and found this breathtaking view.
Taal volcano alive - Amy McPherson
Proof that Taal is still alive as steam escapes from under our feet
Top of Taal - Amy McPherson
Queen of the mountain? Looking down from a very wobbly lookout ‘tower’
Taal crater - Amy McPherson
The crater of Taal, filled with water that is heated by the volcano from below.

Back in Tagaytay, we continue our adventure into the heart of it all. Hungry from the morning’s trek, we head to the markets for a cheap meal and did a little souvenir browsing. We’ve gotten used to taking the local way of travel on the tricycles, and as scary as it looks from the pictures, these are cheap and efficient and really is quite fun!

Market meal in Tagaytay - Amy McPherson
Our market meal in Tagaytay cost $1 each, and absolutely delicious!
Browsing the markets of Tagaytay - Amy McPherson
Browsing the markets of Tagaytay. You could get clothing, shoes, tires, mobile phones or donuts, and the atmosphere was vibrant and the locals friendly.
Tricycles of Tagaytay - Amy McPherson
These things are kings of the roads. Every township and city has its own version and is as exciting as the Jeepneys to ride in. Cheap too.
In the tricycle - Amy McPherson
Off we go! It really isn’t as scary as it looks.
Tagaytay pineapple fields - Amy McPherson
Tagaytay is pineapple country. Everywhere you look outside the town centre are pineapple fields full of young fruits.
Fruit stalls Tagaytay - Amy McPherson
I asked a lady who have lived in Tagaytay all her life, why she liked it here, she said she loved the fruits. Besides incomes from tourists wanting to visit Taal, Tagaytay is mostly farmland of fruits, which is evident from a visit to the roadside fruit stalls where arrays of fresh fruit are on display and on sale.

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