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A walk through Corregidor Island, Manila

Brothers in Arms - Amy McPherson

At the entrance to Manila Bay lies an island that has seen the battle lines of World War II. Due to its strategic location Corregidor Island was used and re-used by American and Japanese forces as a battle base for their Pacific and Asia campaigns during the war and has since become an important piece of world history.

We visited with a walking tour, which took us through hidden path ways to the barracks and the hospital littered with bullet holes, then there were big guns, ammunition storage and the beach where the forces would have rushed up, as the defense of the island sent peppering shots across to the waters.

Today, Corregidor acts as an outdoor museum to this warring past, a memorial to victims of the war and is the most visited place in the Philippines.

Welcome to Corregidor - Amy McPherson

Corregidor barracks - Amy McPherson

Corregidor barracks - Amy McPherson

Corregidor guns - Amy McPherson

Corregidor guard - Amy McPherson

Bullet holes of Corregidor - Amy McPherson

20131231-Corregidor (12)

The eternal flame Corregidor - Amy McPherson

General MacArthur - Amy McPherson

Corregidor beach - Amy McPherson

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