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Chasing sunsets

[Feature image source: Morgue File. Credit to: muvuca]


Sunset over Cottesloe Beach between Fremantle and Perth in Western Australia (Photo: William McPherson)

Some people like sunrises, some people prefer sunsets. Some, doesn’t understand why anyone would be impressed by either, as our trekking guide in Thailand wondered “why you tourists always want to watch sunrise and sunsets? It happens everyday. If you miss today, it’ll be there again tomorrow.”

Sunset over Fanny Bay in Darwin (Photo: Amy McPherson)

Either way, you can’t dismiss the fact that the moment when the sun appears or disappears there is usually an essence of awe, felt collectively throughout anyone present, and an urge to want to capture that moment, for in five seconds it is gone and the next one doesn’t come for another 24 hours.

The sun casts a red hue over the town of Copacabana on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia (Photo: Amy McPherson)

Me? I am more of a sunset person. Sunsets signifies the end of a day, more often than not, a beautiful and meaningful day. I see sunrise as the exclamation mark, a big ‘hello’ to the world, and sunsets as a full stop. Sunsets to me carries a feeling of accomplishment, and nature’s way of saying “thank you for this lovely day, go rest now and get ready for the challenges ahead”, an out breath that relaxes the body and the mind.

The sun setting behind Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy (Photo: Amy McPherson)

I’ve met some fantastic sunsets all over the world, some of my favourites include the sunset over Ponte Vecchio in Florence, the sunset over Lake Titicaca at Copacabana in Bolivia, the sunset at Fanny Bay in Darwin, sunset over the Indian Ocean seen from the beaches around Perth as well as the sunset that accompanied me every night during my year in Saarbruecken.

Are you a sunrise or sunset person? What’s been your most spectacular viewing? Would love to know!

3 thoughts on “Chasing sunsets”

  1. I’m a sunset person! There’s something magical about the moment a day ends. Maybe it’s the incredible richness of the colours, or the meditative atmosphere that helps me to relax. Besides Borneo (I’m sure you’ve seen my photos of sunset here), my other favourite sunsets are the one at the Santorini island in Greece and at Bagan, Myanmar :)

    1. Ha that’s funny! I just commented on your Facebook to tell you I love sunsets too! :)
      I agree with the colours, the setting of the sun creates some of the most amazing palettes depending on distance/atmosphere and time. And you are right, it does some what have this meditative aura about it. :) Would love to see a photo of the Myanmar sunset if you wouldn’t mind sharing it on Wander2Nowhere Facebook page :)

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