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Book Review: I Am Malala


“To all the girls who have faced injustice and been silenced. Together we will be heard.” Such was the opening of this book, a dedication to all the girls of the world.

It has been a while since I read a book this powerful. The attempted assassination of Malala made international news in 2012, and her road to recovery was followed by the media worldwide with support pouring in from celebrities and politicians alike. Yet not many knew her real story, the story of Malala before the shooting, before she became an international celebrity.

What this book is now, is a politically aligned book. While what Malala is doing may borderline politics (because, in countries like Pakistan, everything has political agendas) and that she herself says that she aims to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan one day, she used this book to tell the inside story, to straighten up rumours and media speculations and to share her point of view on everything about the Taliban and Islam.

Once again, we learn that it takes only one mad man (or woman) among ignorant and uneducated people to create falsified claims on freedom and liberty, and ruin it for everyone else.

Such is the reason why Malala stands up for education.

In this book, Malala describes how she practically grew up in a school, and her father had taught her the importance of education. From a young age Malala campaigned alongside her father for girl’s education in their Swat village. You can say, Malala was born to be great, yet in a society that is both culturally and religiously conservative, it is Malala’s inner strength that kept her fighting for the cause that is so close to her heart.

Malala’s story is not hers alone. It is a story of all girls who suffer injustice and deprived of education. It is a story that should be read and shared.

Through this book, Malala opens our eyes to her beautiful village life, and brings us closer to a world where our points of view are generally influenced by political and media agendas.

Support: The Malala Fund

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