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4 Years of Adventures and Counting!

I am ‘settled’ in this adventure of a marriage!

Facebook kindly reminded me that as of yesterday I have been married to Will for 4 years.

It started with an adventure

Our relationship started through an adventure in Peru and we’ve upheld our promises to each other that we will never ever stop travelling. This year, we celebrate our anniversary in Germany, in our temporary residence in Bonn with a home cooked chicken curry and an almost failed attempt at stove top rice and on the weekend, we’ll be in Berlin soaking up its vibrant atmosphere and hopefully get in the action with the fans of the German team for the World Cup.

Has our marriage been an adventure? Well, yes!

Our marriage continue to be filled with travels around the world, moves to suburbs, cities, towns and now countries with new environments and new challenges and not to mention, many festivals, concerts, fantastic outdoor events and walks. Marriage has not stopped us from having fun.

Yes. Yes we did. We added our lock to one of the many wires along the Sein. That’s it, right there, in bold red!

Like every marriage, there are ups and downs, and for someone who are constantly on the go (or want to be on the go), who doesn’t live by the standard definition of ‘settle’ I know I am hard to be married to. Thankfully, having someone who understand my mental state (yes, it is a mental state!) and who shares *almost* the same values as me, we continue to have our awesome adventures while keeping a ‘settled’ relationship at the same time.

For this reason I never really agreed with the concept of  the ‘Hens’ and ‘Bucks’ nights. They are events that are held with the assumption that you stop having fun after marriage and that is completely untrue. Not if you marry the right person!

Travelling, marriage, children and excuses

I’ve been told too many times that I am lucky to travel so frequently because <insert reason here>.

Before marriage it was because I wasn’t married.

Or that I was lucky I had a ‘flexible’ job.

Or that I was lucky that I didn’t have any responsibilities.

After marriage it is because we don’t have children.

To me, they are just excuses. I have had multiple jobs simultaneously since the age of 18, my responsibilities are the same as anyone else’s: bills and rent and other commitments since early 20s.

And the children part? Well, I have travelled with friends who have children. Yes, it’s hard work, I am not going to pretend I don’t know about the tantrums and the extra luggage space required when travelling with children, but you know, it’s not impossible. Many have done it, and we’ve met plenty of families on the road whose kids have travelled the world over. Just ask this family! (click link to find out about the family who has travelled continuously for the past 10+ years!)

And you know, these kids will grow up just fine without ‘settling’. Probably more than fine, because they’ve already got a good world view than most adults who don’t travel.

There is never a right time. There is never an easy way. And yes, it is easier for us to travel without children and without all the things that are mentioned in many excuses, but if you want to do something so badly you’ll do it. If there is no way, then make a way.

We chose not to have children, but one day if we do, we will continue to travel.

And together, as a family, we shall conquer the world :)

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