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Bear hunting in London! Follow the Paddington trail

I’ve been bear hunting on the weekend, apparently Paddington has hit London town, and it’s become an obsession to track him down!

He is everywhere, all 50 of his ‘incarnations’, but my priority was to find the Dr Who Paddington, and whichever one I see on my way are just bonuses.

Tardis Paddington Bear - Amy McPherson
The Tardis Paddington Bear is located at the Greenwich Observatory, and was designed by Peter Capaldi, the current Dr Who.

My hunt took me to Greenwich, yes, the ‘Greenwich Means Time’ Greenwich. It was an appropriate location for Dr Who Paddington whose coat of Tardis and Dalek attracted many Whovians tapping on his footsteps.

There is something a little different to following ‘icons’ than just attractions when doing the rounds in London, because you are looking for something that could be hidden anywhere rather than landmarks that you get to see things you wouldn’t normally notice. For example, between Southwark and the Borough Markets, I noticed a few interesting structures that isn’t on the standard tourist trail.

For example, did you know there’s an up-side-down house on the corner of the A201 and the A3200?

Up-side-down House in London - Amy McPherson
This up-side-down house is not on the tourist trail, and you’ll miss it if you don’t have a habit of a curious glance!

Nearby, there’s a ‘wax house’ street art installation that is designed to be melt down by the installed heaters in the house during winter. There’s also the historical Hop Exchange building that served as the central hop trade building for the brewing industry in the 19th century.

We visit the bustling Borough Markets, always the place to go for fresh and ready to eat produce, where excellent cheese can be bought from the makers and seasonal varieties of fruits and vegetables are sold next to bakers whose creations tingles the sensations in my nostrils.




Of course, I had not forgotten the purpose of the weekend’s wandering. I found 3 more bears close by and I look forward to finding them in others parts of the city during my lunch hours from work!

Dapper Paddington Bear - Amy McPherson
Dapper Paddington greets passers by near Notting Hill Gate station. He was designed by Guy Ritchie.
Gravity Paddington Bear - Amy McPherson
Gravity bear, surprise surprise, was designed by Sandra Bullock in reference to the film Gravity. He floats inside the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.
Taste of Peru Paddington Bear - Amy McPherson
Taste of Peru Paddington is suitably stationed at Borough Market, showcasing the produces of Peru on his coat. Designed by Tourism Peru.

More bears to come when I find them! Look out for them on the Footprints and Memories Facebook Page! (Follow for updates!)

For more information on the Paddington Trail, visit: The Paddington Trail Office Site – Visit London

2 thoughts on “Bear hunting in London! Follow the Paddington trail”

  1. I love Paddington! My parents read me the books when I was a girl, and I’ve only been to London once- of course, not when the bears were there to find! Looking forward to seeing more of your discoveries! =)

    1. Hi Sarah! They will be around until 30 December, so hopefully I’ll be able to find more during my lunch breaks! Will be posting more bears on the Facebook page so look out for them there :)

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