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Notes From Kitty: My 24 Hours Flight



Yep, that’s me. They put me in a cage, and I was not happy.

So I wanted to write to tell you about the time I took the 24 hours flight.

Mid last year mum suddenly disappeared on us for a few months. Angel and I were placed in the care of aunt Krista and uncle Alex. They had a place near the beach and it was wonderful.

They fed us more, gave us more cuddles and we were allowed on the bed. I thought perhaps we were being re-adopted and I was happy!

Then, mum re-appeared, along with a man with cages.

It happened so quickly. Angel and I were rounded up, shoved into these cold plastic enclosures and we didn’t even have time to say goodbye. I heard the man say something along the times of “the quicker the less painful” but frankly we were just confused and pissed off that it took quite a few biscuits in the bowl to calm me down.

For an hour we rode in this little van, there were other captives with us, a couple of fellow felines and a little scared rat of a dog. We were then off loaded, was given a check over by a white coat, spent the night and off in a cage we go the next day to the “airport”.

What happened in between was a bit of a blur, I knew my ears hurt for a bit, I was disoriented and this went on for hours and hours. I heard mum say later that it was about 21 hours, that sounds pretty long.

We were fed and watered half way, and I’ve never been so glad to see mum and dad when they eventually released us. We were taken to a new home, somewhere called ‘England’, where there are these rats with bushy tails called squirrels.

I suppose it’s ok. Just don’t make me go through that again yeah?

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