爸媽的遊記: 荷蘭 , 比利時 (My Parent’s Travel: Netherlands and Belgium)

My mother has been inspired to write a post about her journey in Europe. A first time writer, she decided to use my blog as a platform so she can share her story with her friends. This post is in Chinese, translated to English by me (sorry it’s not perfect, translation is not my forte!).

Touring Europe – Netherlands and Belgium

Mum writes:
From Australia we flew to Taipei for a month to celebrate Chinese New Year. Then, we flew to the Netherlands for our river cruise. In the Netherlands, we took river boats on the canals, visited the home of the windmills and saw how they worked, there were also clogs and beautiful townships. In Belgium, there were grand churches everywhere, small towns had streets lined with cobble stones and traditional, old European houses on both sides of the road.
荷蘭的土地很多是填海產生的,土地比海平面還低.所以很多很多地名都教什麼丹,如果阿姆斯特丹,鹿特丹,丹就是Dam,水壩的意思. 他們的水壩工程做得令人稱羨,㘬為百年左右了,他們又做風車將水打出海中以免水患.
A lot of land in the Netherlands have been reclaimed from the sea and are lower than sea level. Many of its cities by the coast are named after ‘Dams’, such as AmsterDAM, RotterDAM as dams are important in the Netherlands to avoid floods for hundreds of years. The windmills are also used to pump water back into the sea.
風車現在已多使不用了,只用於觀光. 現在有些風車內部人有人居住,內部的擺設令人感覺進入的蒙古包,可以說麻雀雖小五臟俱全.
Windmills are not really used any more, mostly for tourism. Some of the windmills are inhabited and their interiors like mini castles, and are equipped with facilities required to live.
荷蘭小鎮小而美的建築,街道兩旁皆有些小的 Cafe,小桌小椅加上小傘放在小街道旁非常美麗.我有時間時會坐下來喝杯咖啡相當有情調.
Towns in the Netherlands are filled with small houses and cafe lined streets, which then places their tables and chairs along the walls which is perfect for me to sit and while away the day with a cup of coffee.
The annual Tulip festival was on when we were in the Netherlands, it was extremely crowded but there were still plenty of space to move around and admire the flowers leisurely. The tulips here have colours I’ve never seen and at first I thought they were painted! It was so beautiful I never wanted to leave the park. I think, if I really wanted to explore every part of the park I’ll need about two days. If there is an opportunity, I’ll return again.
Another specialty of the Netherlands is the traditional wooden clog. On our last day on the river cruise a dancing troop danced their traditional dance wearing these clogs. The performance was fantastic.
I feel the Netherlands is clean and beautiful, especially so in towns where houses are decorated with a variety of flower pots and ornaments. Appearance of the houses and surrounds are like those in cartoons and at an ancient palace even a peacock came and stood beside me as if in a fairytale.
坐河船我們也有到比利時. 比利時的鬆餅較一般的脆,他們的薯條也比較特殊是炸過兩次還沾美奶滋吃,吃鬆餅配薯條是比利時的特色,還有巧克力也是比利時的驕傲,你可以看到在比利時滿街都是巧克力店.
The cruise also took us to Belgium. The waffles in Belgium were crispy and their famous fries were also quite special. The fries are fried twice for crispiness and served with mayonnaise, both these snacks are specialties of Belgium. Of course, there’s chocolate, which is the pride of Belgium, you are pretty much find chocolate shops everywhere.
Cycling is popular in both the Netherlands and Belgium, where bicycles are used everywhere on the road, many by parents towing cute wagons for their children along the way.
Many of the streets in the Netherlands and Belgium are lined with cobble stones and pebbles, and their uneven surface made it difficult to walk on, especially for someone disabled like me. Fortunately my husband have been beside me, helping and caring for me, I am very much grateful for him.

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