爸媽的遊記: 法國, 巴黎 (My Parent’s Travel: Paris)

Dad’s turn :)

Dad writes:


法國人浪漫崇尚自由,巴黎被稱為浪漫之都. 艾菲爾鐵塔,凱旋門,羅浮宮,凡爾賽宮,塞納河,紅酒左岸咖啡,這些名詞都是我來巴黎之前所學到的.
The French are romantic and adore freedom, and Paris is known as the romantic city. Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Palace of Versailles, Seine river, red wine and coffee are some of the words I associated with Paris before our visit.
這一次的歐洲之行,是女兒幫我們規劃的,法國是我們造訪的第四個國家. 我們從德國法蘭克福搭火車三個小時到達巴黎,女兒的朋友 Ching 已經在火車站等我們了,他將負責導引我們在巴黎三天的旅遊.
This European journey was planned by my daughter, and France is our fourth country on the itinerary. From Germany’s Frankfurt we took a three hour train trip to arrive in Paris, where her friend Ching was waiting for our arrival at the train station. She was to guide us through her city for our three days stay.
If I say houses with pointy roofs are the specialty of European houses, Paris architecture is completely different. In colour it is either brown, grey or beige and many of the structures were flat roofed. However you can see they were old. In Paris there isn’t as many of the tall skyscrapers as there were in Frankfurt.
我從旅館的窗戶就可以看到艾菲爾鐵塔,樓高273公尺,1889年到1930年是世界第一高樓. 天黑後整個鐵塔亮起來,整點的時候還連續閃爍5分鐘,能躺在床上看這一幅美景實在很幸福啊.
From our hotel room we could see the Eiffel Tower. At 273 meters tall, it was the tallest in the world between 1889 to 1930. At night, the tower lights up and every hour it sparkles for 5 minutes, a sight we could see lying on our beds!
Travelling in Paris we took the bus and the river cruise. The buses are all fitted with disabled facilities so my wife who has limited mobility found it easy enough to get around. On our second day, we took the bus to the Louvre.
羅浮宮建於19世紀初至今已有一千年的歷史,原本只是個監獄,1989年擴建,建築師貝律銘設計了一個透明金字塔,遊客可以從這裡進入羅浮宮參觀,雖然他已成為一個景點,遊客也喜歡在這裡拍照,但我個人總覺得他和古代的建築非常不協調,顯得非常突兀. 由於遊客太多太太的行動又不方便,我們決定只看看羅浮宮的建築,就和蒙娜麗莎說再見了.
The Louvre was built in the 19th Century and is to date around 1000 years old. It used to be a prison, and was renovated in 1989 to include the famous glass pyramid. Tourists enter through here to visit the interior. Although it is now a popular tourist attraction I find it in contrast to the old architecture.
It was very crowded around the Louvre and my wife found it hard to move around, so we simply took some photos with the exterior and said goodbye to the home of Mona Lisa.
Besides the Louvre, directly down the boulevard is Arc de Triomphe. I heard Napoleon had it constructed to welcome his victorious soldiers home, although by the time it was completely he no longer ruled. The sight of the Arc is magnificent and it led us to Champ Elysee, a shopper’s delight, where you can find all the famous brands!
巴黎實在太繁華了,我在這裡待了三天,因為遊客實在太多我根本搞不清楚誰是當地居民誰是遊客. 當然也引來了不少從東歐和其他地方來討生活的土耳其人,吉普賽人,在風景區看到很多人力車拉客,被警察趕來趕去,當然也造成的巴黎治安的困擾.
Paris is bustling with life and with many different people. I was there for three days but because it’s full of people I couldn’t exactly tell who were the tourists and who were the locals. Of course, with such a big city, it has attracted many of the eastern Europeans to live here, including the Turkish and the Gipsies. Around attractions there were many rickshaws trying to get business from the tourists, and police would come and chase them around the city. Of course, there are the issues with safety in such a big city.
A day before we were due to leave Paris, I finally got to meet a local – a policeman – because my wallet was stolen while we shopped in a mall.
也許是治安的問題法國的警察局前面都有兩個荷實彈的警察站崗,我走訪的兩個警察局警察都以不同的理由表示不能接案子,第三個警察局讓我填表格,它們的表格有不同的語言,我想這種竊案應該在每一天都發生吧!報案的過程就是填完表格後警察把內容輸入在他們法文的電腦裡面然後印出一份法文的記錄,再把你的英文的附在後面就算完成了。因為我留了電話,我就問他們如果破案了會不會通知我,他們用大笑回答了我. 所以我要說旅行保險真的很重要因為一旦出事情警察也幫不了你的.
Perhaps it is because of the safety considerations every police station is guarded with police with guns out front. I visited two police stations and was turned away with different reasons. The third I visited asked me to fill in a form, which comes in various different languages confirming that these little crimes happen everyday! My experience is pretty much filling in the form and getting the information entered into their system. I got a copy of the form as a confirmation of report. Since they took my phone number I asked if they’ll call if they did find the culprit, the policeman simply laughed as an answer.
So always get travel insurance! Sometimes, even the police can’t help you.
第四天離開法國搭歐洲之星到英國倫敦女兒的家,臨走前我還是要說法國人真的是很自由浪漫的,巴黎值得有人的地方太多了,羅浮宮,凱旋門,香榭大道只是一小部分而已. 經濟不景氣造成的治安問題,全世界都這樣,下次再回來玩吧,但是我會注意一點喔.
On our fourth day we boarded the Eurostar to London. Before I leave I still want to say the French does love their freedom and romance and Paris has so much worth experiencing. The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and Champ Elysee are just a small part of the city and as to the crime: it happens in every city.
I’ll come back for more, perhaps with more caution next time!

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