Do you have to quit your job to find happiness?

This story is everywhere. To find happiness it seems we all must quit our jobs.

“I quit my job to look after kittens.”

“I quit my job to do yoga around the world.”

“I quit my job and I found love and happiness.”

So it’s that easy then. To find happiness in life you just have to quit your job.

Image source: Morgue File | Credit to: JessicaGale
Image source: Morgue File | Credit to: JessicaGale

Is it true? Must I quit my job to find happiness?

Previously I have written about why I am not (yet) a full time travel blogger/writer. Many of my peers have in fact, quit their jobs to write, to live a location independent lifestyle, but for me, I am quite happy to treat writing as a ‘side’ thing for now.

But that doesn’t mean I am not happy! In fact, my life has been what I have led it to be, and I can truly say that I am very happy with the way things are now.

Not many people realise that quitting your job to find happiness is actually not exactly what it seems. It is the unfortunate truth that in today’s society you are going to have to somehow make a living.

True, it doesn’t always have to be about the money, but you need to find ways to exchange goods and services so that you can have the resources to survive and eat!

Image source: Morgue File | Credit to: mantasmagorical

So what are these stories are actually trying to tell us?

On a closer look, you will see that all of these people haven’t in fact just quit.

Sure, they quit their ‘job’, perhaps that 9-to-5 job that we all eventually get stuck in which makes life a drab, but that doesn’t mean they do bugger-all all day! In fact, those who have quit their jobs to do something they love, work even longer hours each day.

It’s the old saying. To find happiness, you need to do what you love.

What these people have done, is really swapping doing something just for money, to doing something for their passion.

Most have quit their jobs to create their own business, to cook, to write a book, to concentrate on a blog (which could be in any genre).

However, notice the trend that ‘quitting the job’ is not the reason of their happiness, it’s simply a catalyst toward doing something that make them happy.

Image source: Morgue File | Credit to: bang

Quitting is the not the answer

Quitting is not inspiring, nor is it the answer to find happiness.

It’s what you do after you quit that makes up that happiness, but be aware, it is still a job, you’ll still need to eat to live so be prepared to work even harder!

Quitting is not the road to happiness, because money is unfortunately a necessary evil in today’s society. So you’ll still need to find a way to fund whatever you choose to do (and yes, that does include sitting at home all day stroking the cat while contemplating world domination… you still need money!), and it means you need to work on something to get money.

The good news is, if you have chosen to do what truly make you happy, working harder should no longer feel like a drag. :-)
Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Do you have to quit your job to find happiness?”

  1. Yeah, I can relate to this. I was a Music Teacher, went back to uni to get into IT then went into Risk Management and made Bucket Loads in the Middle East. Realised that there is more to life than “litte green pieces of paper” and went back into my passion, Music. I found out that where I started is where I belong. However, I had to make the journey to discover it.

    1. I still remember first meeting you at uni when you started with IT, and I do remember thinking “but, a musical life is so wonderful why would you give it up and come do boring IT? :)”

      At least you know where your true passion is, and I am sure the journey of discovery had been worth it Michael! :)

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