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Notes from Kitty: The English summer

I hear that some of you have been inquiring over me. Never fear, I am still alive, despite mum and dad’s insistence of not feeding me every time I actually need to be fed. I keep telling them by nagging and clawing at the door, but I get ignored each time. So I spend most of my time in the sun, basking in my own misery.

Mum and dad had just been to a place called Russia. They were all talking about how pretty it was, and how glorious it looked in the hot summer sun. I don’t see why you would bother going to Russia, when there’s sun right here, where I am sitting.

Speaking of the sun, it’s been wonderful here. It is now summer, and this place called England is a lot more tolerable than the summer we used to have in another place called Sydney.

I can actually lie in the sun the entire day and I don’t get hot! It’s fantastic.

I remember not having this luxury in our old place, because the sun burned and scorched, and most of the time I couldn’t even stay more than five minutes before having to take refuge on the bathroom tiles.

Now, I get to spend all day on the window sill, in the sun and watch squirrels and birds all day. Two weeks ago, we even had roses of all colours in the front garden, which made mum swoon all over the place. It’s a good thing most roses are either red or yellow, two of the colours I can actually see. They smell nice, the roses. We had a bunch on the table, I took a couple of bites but was shoo’ed off before I could get to the petals.

They don’t let me eat food, they don’t let me chew on petals. Just what is their problem?!

While I continue to be tortured in this household with food rations, I must admit I am liking this England place.

Mum said that they had moved to England because they preferred the weather. Well, I certainly agree!


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