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Lois Yasay – solo traveller to travelling mum

Last in my interview series about family travel is with well known travel blogger Lois Yasay.

She co-founded the We Are Sole Sisters website sharing her travelling stories, recommendations and advice, as well as encouraging more women to make travel happen for themselves, and is now also e-book author and motivational speaker.


Last year, Lois turned from hip travel blogger to young travelling mum and has continued to travel since.

She has shared some of her tips on how to travel light with a baby in tow with Lifestyle Network, and today, she answers my questions on how she is doing transitioning from the independent solo traveller that she was to the young mum globe trotting around the world.

1. When you first started Sole Sisters and travelling around S.E Asia, did you ever think that one day you might be travelling as a family with a baby in tow?

Never. I had never imagined I would have kids considering my lifestyle at that time. I was open to it, but I didn’t expect it. You can say it was an amazing surprise and I welcome every opportunity now to travel with my husband and 1 year old baby.

2. How has having a child changed your travel? And has it changed any perceptions of travelling with children you might have had before?

When I was single and often travelling solo or with friends, I was able to travel anywhere I wanted without planning ahead or having to do a lot of research. I could travel any time without an itinerary and just with the bare essentials. I could also go to less developed countries without having to notify family members. I didn’t need to keep a home base and would often move several times a year.

Since my daughter’s birth, we have decided to keep a home base in Portugal. We still continue to travel to neighboring countries like Spain, France and Italy.

We plan to explore more of Europe. At first, we weren’t sure if we can still travel even with our baby in tow. But we have been taking her with us on long road trips. Most recently, we even went on a road trip in Spain camped out discovered some surf spots.


3. So… travelling with baby is possible?

Yes, traveling with children is definitely possible. With some planning ahead, a reliable and supportive spouse and a lot of patience and creativity, we often travel with our baby.

She’s already traveled with us from the Philippines to Europe, been on several cross country road trips that have lasted a few days to a few weeks. She’s been with us in the tropics and even during winter in the French Alps. She’s even camped out with us and she loved it!

I think that children have that uncanny ability to adapt to their surroundings and it’s up to us to give them that opportunity.

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