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My new year goals for 2017

Resolutions are a thing of the past. How many times have we set resolutions only to completely forget about them by February? So I’ve decided to give up on resolutions and to set new year goals instead, and for 2017, I am going to lift that bar just a little bit higher.

My personal KPI

Remember I’ve declare myself to be a full time freelance writer? The ability to do what you want full time is a luxury few have the opportunity to have, so while I still can, I am going to make it worthwhile.

So, my new year goals for 2017 are going to be my KPIs for 2017. In a job, you have KPIs to determine your pay rise and promotion. Honestly, it isn’t all that different in my freelancing world.

When I do meet my KPI, it’ll mean I will have more articles published, resulting in more pay (so, a pay rise) and better established as a freelance writer (promotion).

And I am determined to make 2017 the year I exceed my KPI (ever)!

However, it is important to keep your KPIs realistic, just like setting one for your job, so I am setting only three this year.

Goal #1: Write at least 10,000 words a month towards my novel

This is a carry over from last year’s goal.

When I announced my departure from my day job to write full time, I revisited my 2016 goals and realised that the most crucial goal of completing the draft of my novel! So I am carrying this goal across to 2017 and I am determined to meet it.

10,000 words a month is roughly 333 words a day. In theory, that is more than achievable, and gives me room for re-writes and plot changes along the way.

If I am able to write 10,000 words a month, it means I can finish a draft of a full length novel around August.

Image source: Morgue File | Credit to: dave

Goal #2: To make enough money, as a freelance writer, to pay the rent

Notice that I’ve said the rent, not to earn a profit.

I don’t expect my first year as a full time freelance writer to be easy. I don’t expect to suddenly make a lot of money from my writing, nor do I have the illusion that dreamers have of writing the next Harry Potter or Twilight and suddenly become millionaires that I would never have to work again.

(Just so you know, even J.K Rowling have to re-invent her stories in the form of the stage and of film spin-offs to continue to make money!)

However, I want to work hard at this, and aim to earn on average, enough to pay my monthly rent (currently at £1,273 a month).

I know my income will be irregular and seasonal, and that at some months I might earn three months worth of rent, and on others I might not earn a penny, but it’s a small step towards a freelancing success don’t you think?

Goal #3: To make every single one of my trips earn for itself

One of the perceptions of travel writers is that we get all our trips for free.

In reality, for most of us, especially for those who started out as bloggers, we pay for all our trips.

Admittedly, I have received a free trip or two here and there, offered by various companies and individual businesses, or I have accepted a discount on a trip in exchange for a write up on my experiences.

However, 95% of my trip have been paid in full by myself. That means, it only makes sense that if I were to make freelance writing work for us, I should at least earn something from every trip we take, to make back a percentage of the money I spend on them!

Cheers to a great 2017 to come! Bring on the challenges!

These are not outrageous new year goals, but achievable nonetheless. I am going to make 2017 better than ever for my writing career and I hope I will have your support!

What are your goals for 2017?

Share your thoughts below!