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Where to find mythical creatures in the world?

Lovers of Harry Potter and Pokemon Go can vouch for this: there is nothing more exciting than being able to find fantastic beasts or discover mythical creatures in our surroundings, even if it’s imagined.

One of those things about travel is that sometimes, you can let you are imagination be carried away with you, and when you are face to face with the Northern Lights or are shown faded photographs of a creature in the waters of Loch Ness, you can’t help but wonderful if a mythical creature or a fantastic beast might be at play.

And to think, you could actually go on a beast hunt on a round the world trip!

Hunt down the mythical creatures with this map

A few creatures that have been running wild in the imaginations of on ancestors are now on a map for us to explore – the Big Foot (US), Vampires (Transylvania), the Loch Ness Monster (Scotland), the Yeti (Himalayas)…

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The map is missing a few mythical creatures though…

I mean, to be honest I would add a lot more to this map: dragons are everywhere, not just in Wales, but in Slovenia (it is Ljubljana’s city guardian) and all over the Arctic in northern Russian, China and Scandinavia, as dragons are believed to be the source of the illusive Northern Lights – which we unfortunately didn’t get to see in Iceland, whose people also believe in elves… there are giants in Northern Ireland, there’s also Supay, the Incan god of death in Peru, leprechauns in Ireland as well as mermaids, don’t forget mermaids that causes ship wrecks all along coasts of the world.

Either way, you get the idea! Good way to get kids interested in travelling the world? I think so.

Here, have a go at this map :) See if you can come up with more mythical creatures and fantastic beasts that are missing.

Come vampire hunting with me sometime!

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