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Stalking cats in Marrakech

You knew this was coming ;-) Remember when I did a little cat album for cats in the Philippines? Well, here are some cats in Marrakech!

Besides sightseeing, you’ll often find me stalking cats on my travels, and boy oh boy was Marrakech a crazy cat lady heaven!

Morocco is one of the 5 destinations for cat lovers I wrote about a while back – and I finally got a piece of the cat heaven when we visited Marrakech for a weekend a couple of weeks back.

Cats are everywhere. Stray cats roam the streets, in and out of the Medina, and are well taken care of by whoever sees them.

I’ve seen fishmongers feed a piece of sardine to one patient cat, an old man offering a bowl of water to another. Some get a bit of chicken from the butchers, others get a bite to eat from street side diners.

It is almost like they are the city’s common pets! Here’s just a selection of our furry friends, doing what they do best in Marrakech!

(To all the crazy cat humans – I can hear you purring. You are welcome.)

“Just lazying around. Don’t mind me…”


Something is very interesting on the right there…


Oh hai. What did you get in your bowl?


Where you off to? Can I follow?


Guess who gave this one some of her chicken? :)


What’s this little mischief doing??


Patrolling the El Badi Palace.


Waiting by the markets – someone’s gotta drop something sometime!


Cats in Marrakech are rather like common pets – people would stop to feed them, like this lucky cat who got fed proper cat biscuits! And won’t share too.


“Yo bro, your feet smells.”


Street cats in Marrakech
Street larrikins!


Biker cats in Marrakech
A cat bike gang? The cool cats in Marrakech?


Tannery cats in Marrakech
At the tannery getting tanned? This cat perfectly blends in with the leather hide!


Sleepy cats in Marrakech
This ginger is doing what cats do best… having a well deserved snooze….

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